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Stuart Simon

Stuart N. Simon, LICSW, PCC, is a Gestalt practitioner with over thirty years of experience as a therapist, consultant, trainer, and coach. He is a partner at Management Support Services, Inc., an international management training and consulting firm, and a member of the core faculty of GISC’s Cape Cod Training Program.



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He also teaches at the Boston University, School of Management’s Executive
Education program.

"Nothing in my professional life brings me more pleasure than teaching at the GISC. Whether I’m working with therapists, consultants, coaches or executives, I remain continually excited about facilitating a process that encourages people to “see” differently, and that encourages them to bring forth as much of themselves as possible in their professional and personal lives. In addition I am regularly amazed and delighted by how much the teaching process impacts me, and supports my own growth and development."

Stuart Simon


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