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Past issues of GISC's e-newsletter can be found here. Each issue focuses on a particular theme, such as Transitions, Optimism, Power. It features interviews, best practices, and articles on our theory and approach.  For new, similar content on Gestalt theory and practice, please visit the GISC Blog.

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GISC Newsletter, Past Issues


Number 2, August 2010: Transition

Number 1, March 2010: Gestalt at Work


Number 2, 2009: Multiple Realities in Action

Number 1, 2009: The Economy & Resilience


Number 4, 2008: Patterns of Success

Number 2, 2008: Building Collaboration

Number 1, 2008: A Fresh Look at Gender


Number 4, September 2007 Focus on: Power

Number 3, June 2007 Focus on: Optimism

Number 2, April 2007 Focus on : Intimacy & Strategy

Number 1, February 2007 Focus on: Transitions


"Thank you for your February newsletter on resilience. It is comforting and inspiring."

Elizabeth S. Revell, Ph.D.


“Thanks for the recent GISC newsletter. I read it with great interest and it is resonating with me in a way that happily
humbles my spirit and lends support to a commitment I have recently made. Reading the collection of articles in your newsletter about power reminds me of the depth of Gestalt theory and the challenge and importance of staying with it until it gets in one’s bones.”

Ginna Martin


I read your newsletters and interesting articles. I find the concepts delivered through these venues of great interest for someone in my position, especially the recent program on mastering optimism. Maintaining a positive outlook and learning to seek acceptance and grace with what is happening now can have a huge impact.”

Bank Vice President


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