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Nancy Rutkowski

Nancy Rutkowski, PhD, LCSW, PCC,is a licensed psychotherapist, certified trainer, and ICF certified Coach. She maintains a private practice in Bloomington, Indiana, offering coaching, consulting and psychotherapy to groups and individuals seeking growth and change in their personal and professional lives.



Nancy Rutkowski


"More than any organization I have been connected to, I am regularly reminded of GISC’s commitment not just to providing professional and personal development, but to changing peoples lives, and to making the world a better place."

Stuart Simon
GISC Faculty Member

Nancy works in both nonprofit and for-profit sectors includes hospitals, schools, hospice, and prison settings, as well as behavioral health care institutions. She is currently teaming with the healthcare division of a local company to develop and deliver a program for weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes for the parent company’s 4,000 employees.

Nancy trained extensively in Gestalt practice both with GISC and the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, as well as completing a couples training program with Gestalt Associates Training of Los Angeles. While her post-graduate training has proven to be invaluable and life transforming, she still finds herself returning daily to the rich ground of her doctoral work in the humanities. Her studies in English Literature, the area of her PhD, is a continual resource for seeing, understanding and responding empathically to the array of challenges people face in their personal and professional lives.


With a keen passion for radical change – change at the roots – Nancy finds Gestalt practice and, in particular, the Cape Cod Model, powerful pathways for effective practice. In an article published in Gestalt Review, she explores how the Cape Cod Model informs the practices of coaching and psychotherapy for effecting such core growth and change.


A native Detroiter, she credits her early relationship with that city and its gritty and tumultuous history for instilling in her an understanding that sustainable growth must occur at the deepest layer of our being.

This year Nancy is teaching:
> The Cape Cod Training Program



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