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Advanced Skills for Influential Leadership in Education

This specially-designed workshop for educators and educational leaders is based on the Skills for Influential Leadership program, an overview of
GISC’s model of influential leadership.

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This program will present the interpersonal skills required to build highly effective groups and organizations. It will focus on college leaders and team members expanding self-awareness, including work-style preferences and personal impact. Participants will develop an understanding for how their patterns and those of colleagues impact each other, their work and their students.

Participants will learn about the cycle of change and its central role in institutional culture and personal growth and how to productively handle resistance to change while practicing techniques of managing teams. Using a variety of feedback tools, including a pre-workshop assessment instrument, participants will experience a rare opportunity to understand their impact and build awareness of their competencies. Practical opportunities will be provided to explore how to increase influence and accomplish objectives. Through small group leadership exercises and using their own challenging work situations as casework, participants will practice how to support effective group behavior, effectively manage differences, and work with the dynamics of change and resistance in an academic setting.

The program will present the research and theory of this leadership model and its application in collegiate settings but will emphasize practice, reflection, and feedback. Through a combination of presentations, individual and small group exercises, and discussion, participants will gain a new understanding of what characterizes effective leadership — both for themselves and for others.
Pre-workshop personal assessment instrument will be included.

Participants will:

  • Learn how their own presence influences their impact on others

  • Develop the ability to recognize and support specific skills of influential leadership among colleagues and students and team members

  • Identify and understand the interactions of small groups with more clarity

  • Develop skills to better understand and cope with resistance and change processes that frequently color the academic environment

  • Learn to interact with strategic intent to accomplish objectives

This program is suitable for educational leaders, division, department and program heads, and as well as educators who seek a new approach to their roles. It will also be of interest to those who want to move into educational leadership roles or support those who do.

Custom Design

This program can be customized to be delivered within your school or department. Please contact us for more information.

The Gestalt International Study Center is incorporated as a nonprofit educational organization (IRS Section 501(c)3). GISC does not discriminate in any of its programs with regard to race, color, gender, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation or handicapped condition. Please contact us if you have any special needs that might affect your participation in any of our programs.

GISC is approved by the Massachusetts Department of Education as a
Professional Development Provider (PDP) for teacher continuing education.


“Skills for Influential Leadership deepened
my understanding, both of leadership, and of myself as a leader. I now lead more thoughtfully than before, and with greater awareness of what's happening around me, and why. My goals for the organization are more appropriately challenging. I am able to mentor others with more insight. I find it hard to imagine the leader who will not find GISC a valuable professional experience.”

Mike Gradone
Consultant and retired School Superintendent Chatham Public Schools
Nauset Public Schools

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