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Teaching for Impact:
Interpersonal Skills for Effective Classroom Practice

This program will provide a powerful, supportive learning environment in which educators are encouraged to reflect on their experience as a teacher and learner, gain personal insight into their ways of being in relationship, learn how to have supportive, sensitive and difficult conversations with students and colleagues, and reconnect with their passion for teaching

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Constant change is a defining feature of the educational landscape, requiring teachers who are flexible, adaptable and skilled at working with students, parents and other colleagues. Teacher development programs that focus on the technical aspects of teaching and learning fail to address the fundamental characteristic of effective classrooms: the active engagement and involvement of every student with meaningful learning.

Students consistently highlight the centrality of the teacher’s presence and interpersonal skills for their engagement in learning. Such high-impact relationships model and support effective working relationships between learners. Participants will return to their school with new skills, increased confidence to create an impactful learning environment, and fresh perspectives on behavior and learning.

Participants will:

  • Learn about the powerful connections between meaningful
    interpersonal relationships and the impact on long-term
    learning and retention.

  • Experiment with new and dynamic possibilities or intervention.

  • Learn how to harness the enthusiasm and energy of learners
    through powerful feedback skills.

  • Hone skills to manage conflict and engage resistant students,
    colleagues and parents in constructive approaches.

  • Learn to use the self as a powerful influence on learning.

  • Engender skills to use in daily work and interactions with colleagues
    to support ongoing learning and personal development.

  • Develop strategies for self-support and self-care to ensure
    sustainability as an influential and effective teacher.

This program is designed for teachers in the school system who wish to deepen their capacity to make a real impact on student learning and professional relationships with colleagues and parents.

Custom Delivery

This program can be customized for delivery within your school. Please contact the GISC office for more information.

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"I very much enjoyed my week at GISC and went back home with new inspiration, ideas, and valuable experiences. And what an amazing building you have - the environment is so supportive to being open to new learning. I will definitely be back."

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