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Greetings From CCTP

Just for CCTP graduates…

We, the faculty of the Cape Cod Training Program, hope this note finds you well.

We are writing about two new and exciting opportunities coming up for CCTP grads only.

First of all, our offer to repeat CCTP at half-rate tuition continues – as space allows. Our next class begins on May 3, 2018 and is shaping up to be a diverse group of participants.

As you know, CCTP has continued to evolve. We are continually updating the program and have made some changes that we find exciting. In particular, we focus more on developing the intervener’s presence, as well as seeing how people connect. We place increased emphasis on personal growth and development, and we have added in more practice sessions in the large group.

Comments from a past graduate who took CCTP as a refresher:

“Re-immersion in the Cape Cod Training Model five years after completing the program was a richly rewarding experience. The attention to personal presence and authentic connection—modeled and taught—met me where I want to be as a professional, wife, mother, colleague and friend. Re-engagement not only enhanced my skill in using the model, it allowed me to make new discoveries about where I am well and less developed with greater insight and gentleness.”

Secondly, as most of you know, we were thrilled with the launch of CCTP The Third Week in January 2017. Participants came from around the corner, across the country, and over the ocean. This was a unique opportunity, since all of the participants shared the foundations of the Cape Cod Model. This allowed for focusing their learning on embodiment of the concepts and model and therefore delivering more robust interventions. In addition, each student had an opportunity to apply the model to their particular professional circumstances. For example, in practicums participants chose to work with individuals, dyads/couples, or work teams/families.

“The Third Week sounds like a refresher and consolidation of CCTP. It was so much more than that. With a field of participants who had embodied the core Cape Cod Model principles well beyond the end of the Cape Cod Training Program, the quality of interactions and readiness for advanced teaching was on a new and exciting level. The faculty were up to this task.  Not only did they work beautifully together, they seemed to relish the opportunity to share more deeply of their expertise—and they did so generously.”
John Durland, PhD

Looking ahead, we have decided to offer CCTP The Third Week in Boston, June 7-12, 2018, and as a retreat in the UK, November 8-13, 2018. The UK program will be held in a choice location with the intention of living and learning in community.

We welcome you to call any of us with questions about these upcoming programs. We hope to see you again soon!




Carol, Sharona, Joe, Stuart and Nancy


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