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My growing-edge experiment: reflections on the Community Gathering

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

By Jane Honeck

This year’s Community Gathering was another resounding success. I’m waking up inspired and committed as a Professional Associate to get the ball rolling on contributing some blog posts. At the same time, I was reflecting on a particularly meaningful exercise we did over the weekend that helped illustrate one of GISC’s core concepts—Well Developed©.

With the help of two colleagues, I identified where I was an expert (a well-developed behavior that I tend to overuse to the detriment of another less developed behavior). I can now proudly say I am an expert at “being open to all possibilities.” And as I contemplated what my perfect blog post would be, this well-developed behavior got busy. Should it be a scientific treatise on some psychological theory? Scary thought for a CPA embedded with psychotherapists. Or, maybe a few choice, but clever, words on how money truly has a place in the world of Gestalt. Wouldn’t that prove my worth to the group and the world? I ran endless scenarios through my mind, analyzing which would appeal to the broadest group, conjecturing what the community really wanted while making sure I was covering all the possible angles.

And then I remembered my new valuable tool for moving beyond this Well Developed© behavior. I could expand my range for making decisions and move forward through this stuck place. We had also identified a simple experiment for working with my Less Developed© behavior—I could BLURT. That’s right, blurt—I wouldn’t consider everything or work hard to find that one perfect thing—I would go with the first thing that entered my mind—the good, the bad and the ugly. And here it is—my first official blog blurt.

So I encourage my fellow PAs to use our beloved Cape Cod Model and their new growing edge experiments to keep the ball rolling and contribute to the GISC Blog. This blog may not be my finest but it’s finished in under an hour and I’m building a muscle that’ll serve me well. Thanks everyone and see you next year!


Jane Honeck, CPA is a GISC Certified Coach. She helps individuals, couples and systems create confidence in their decision–making process by teaching, challenging, discovering and communicating about money in new ways. Her vision is to Change the way the world thinks about money.



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