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Programs for Individuals

As individuals, how do we create the foundation for living exciting, meaningful lives - for unleashing our own potential? Whether navigating a life change, finding new ways to enrich a relationship, or seeking avenues for personal growth, at GISC we offer programs that help you engage with intention and authenticity. This approach to personal development is also a major component of all of our leadership and practitioner programs.


Gain insight and practice in GISC’s core model of learning, growth & change


GISC Learning Camp

Come join us for the GISC 2019 Learning Camp! Reconnect to friends and colleagues as you enjoy the beauty of learning and play on Cape Cod for five days of professional and creative workshops.

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Highly Sensitive: Embracing the Gifts and Challenges

For Yourself, Your Clients, or Your Children

High sensitivity brings many wonderful strengths and can also lead to overwhelm, overstimulation, anxiety and other challenges. Many children and adults who are highly sensitive have spent their lifetimes feeling “different," alone or misunderstood. Understanding and embracing this trait is profoundly healing for our clients, our children, and ourselves.  This program will explore practical strategies for navigating both the challenges and gifts of high sensitivity.


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Mind-Body Coaching: New Frontiers for Working with Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Stress, and Deepening Inner Guidance

Mind-body coaching provides a powerful way to work with chronic pain, anxiety, and stress, and to donnect to deeper inner guidance. This program introduces an innovative integration of Gestalt principles, mind-body traditions, leading-edge neuroscience, and personal coaching. These new frontiers in mind-body healing can have life changing results, where other traditional and non-traditional approaches have failed.

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The Next Phase:
Life Strategies for Navigating Personal & Professional Transitions

This unique program will help participants understand the phases of a good transition through provocative and multidisciplinary activities. Participants will be introduced to and encouraged to develop personal tools to make transitions successfully and with assurance, leading to new and more satisfying outcomes.

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Our learning experiences provide a variety of ways to grow self and enhance skills.


“What I have learned from GISC has allowed me to create a more open and transparent company… so as our brand continues to grow in the marketplace, our organization can grow with that same mission, values, and beliefs… we walk the talk. Companies that can pull this off, I think, have a much better and healthier life and increased opportunity for success.”

Stephen McDonnell
CEO and Founder
Applegate Farms


"More than any organization I have been connected to, I am regularly reminded of GISC’s commitment not just to providing professional and personal development, but to changing peoples lives, and to making the world a better place."

Stuart Simon
GISC Faculty Member

"It’s rare to find a place and a group
of people where you can think and be. With so much pressure to do, to be active and productive, the respite provided by GISC is invaluable. The opportunity to reflect, recharge, and retool means that when I return to the world of doing I’m much more effective. I’m equipped at my core so that my actions are informed, not by a mechanical knowing but by a deeper understanding of myself, other people, and the world around me."

Heather Berthoud
GISC Faculty Member
Leading Nonprofit Organizations
Berthoud Consulting

“I purposely travelled to GISC from
the UK because I sensed that the distance and the separation from my ‘home ground’ would facilitate and allow freedom of thought and expression. And this proved to be the case. The GISC facility, in its beautiful natural surroundings, provided a sense of peace and security whilst also suggesting creativity and challenge. The course facilitators were skilled and attentive giving time both to the group and to the participants individually.”

James Shallcross
United Kingdom

“The program I participated in at the Center has changed me. I am a different and better person. I am more effective at what I do and I have greater impact on the people around me. Because of the experiential nature, I cannot forget this program, it has become part of who I am.”

Managing Partner
International Consulting Firm


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