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Creating Results Today:

A Program to Unlock Group Potential

More and more, organizations and individuals at all levels are facing
ever-increasing challenges to “do more with less” while demonstrating greater creativity and productivity in producing results. At the same time, those leading the charge find it more difficult to take time to learn new skills (or sharpen old ones) to realize increased group potential.


The Practice of Leadership 2013

Unlocking group potential can provide much needed positive impact to a business, or to any other form of organization where people come together to accomplish goals. This hybrid and compact program provides both content and coaching with two components: a two-day workshop introducing a framework for disciplined management and guidance, creativity and self-understanding, health and life balance, and two individual coaching sessions with each participant to enable application of the framework after the program concludes.

Supported by current research there are specific foundational capabilities that maximize an individual's ability to unlock potential in others, producing results for their organizations and for themselves.

Leadership and Team Effectiveness: The ability to develop group potential with specific strategies that align and integrate human efforts and interests with business goals. The program content will focus on skills (disciplined management, active listening, impactful dialogue, detailed planning) and will highlight choices to increase alignment and results, and decrease resistance.

Self Awareness & Personal Effectiveness: The ability to achieve goals through knowledge of one’s self and involvement with others. The program content will focus on self-awareness tools (physiological age, emotional intelligence) and highlight choices to increase personal stamina and influence and reduce stress.

This program is designed as a learning experience and will include self-assessment tools, exercises, group interaction, impact planning and individualized coaching.


Upon completion of the program, participants will be better positioned to increase their ability to personally impact the engagement of people around them in alignment with the needs of their organization, more clearly exhibiting accountability and demonstrating increased personal engagement. Participants will be able to reassess their choices in the following areas:

Participants will:

  • Develop knowledge and experience of self-leadership.
  • Discipline to Manage – How can you create a culture of accountability and results?
  • Insight to Guide – How can you create a culture of engagement and commitment?
  • Creativity – How can you harness capacity to realize results?
  • Self-Understanding – How can you be more aware of self and your impact on others?
  • Life Balance – What can you do to increase satisfaction and longevity?
  • Health Balance – What can you do to be healthier?
  • Values-Based Relationships – How can understanding principles create stronger connections with others and improve results?
  • Impact Planning – How do you create action plans that produce results?


This program is suitable for leaders, managers, supervisors, coaches, consultants and individuals who want to have an impact in unlocking the potential of the groups in which they participate and want to leave the program with an action plan.

GISC’s Leadership Programs

GISC offers programs for leaders at every level and degree of familiarity with our Gestalt Leadership model.

  • Skills for Influential Leadership is an introductory overview of GISC’s
    leadership model, building tools for more effective leadership.

  • Leadership in the 21st Century is GISC’s premier in-depth leadership development program for top-level executives, with an emphasis on
    inter-session coaching and intensive group work.

  • Custom Programs - GISC can custom design training programs specifically to meet the needs of your team or organization. Several of our open-enrollment programs can be tailored for on-site delivery at your location to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us to inquire.


CE Hours 22
Faculty Rick Miller
  Ginny Schmitt-Devine
Location Program can be held at a location of your choice.


"I very much enjoyed my week at GISC
and went back home with new inspiration, ideas, and valuable experiences. And
what an amazing building you have - the environment is so supportive to being open to new learning. I will definitely be back."

Tanya Faude-Koivisto, PhD
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