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Leading Self: Gestalt Foundations

For personal, team and organizational success

Success, effectiveness and fulfillment in today’s fast-paced, team-based, global work environments require a well developed ability to connect with others and build relationships. Understanding oneself is at the heart of this ability and central to effective workplace relationships, leadership and influence.


Our premise is that self-awareness is the doorway to choice and adaptability and the integrity that comes from the alignment of intention and impact.

In this program, your focus will be on developing a greater self awareness and a more profound understanding of your impact on other people, through the integrated use of Gestalt core concepts such as Awareness, Optimism, Presence and the Cycle of Experience. The learning will include tools, self-assessments and practices designed to develop core skills that are essential
to leadership, and to building your performance, effectiveness and resilience in today’s complex, fast-moving organizations.

This Leading Self program emphasizes the practical application of Gestalt core concepts rather than just focusing on theory. Through active participation, you will learn and practice the skills that are central to achieving personal awareness, connecting with others, managing stress, collaborating, demonstrating presence and embracing an optimistic stance.

This program is a prerequisite for all other GISC leadership programs. Why a prerequisite? Because we have identified the most vital competencies for your professional success and designed training that will enhance your ability to apply and build on these essential skills and values.



As a participant in this program you will:


  • Learn about yourself in profound new ways
  • Increase awareness of your leadership brand and how to leverage your strengths
  • Understand why selfawareness and awareness of others is foundational to all professional relationships
  • Increase your ability to be intentional and effective in the choices you make
  • Understand the role feedback plays in aligning one’s intentions and impact
  • Learn to give and receive feedback effectively
  • Explore a powerful model for understanding and working with individual and group process
  • Build relational skills and your ability to influence others
  • Increase your ability to use your presence to reach goals
  • Develop a vision for continuing your leadership journey


This program is for individual contributors, valued professionals, emerging and experienced leaders, and others wishing to learn the fundamentals of relational leadership practice. The program will help anyone in a leadership role or preparing for leadership gain self-awareness and the personal tools necessary for building strong professional relationships and set the foundation for further skill development.


This program is a prerequisite for each of the core GISC leadership programs.








Dates and Fees:

Leading Self:

Gestalt Foundations

March 31-April 2, 2019
Sunday, 1pm
Tuesday, 1pm
GISC Member: $945

$495 when registering in combination with any other leadership program

Also Offered

May 28-30, 2019

Tuesday 1pm - Thursday 1pm


October 15-17, 2019

Tuesday 1pm - Thursday 1pm

Coming Soon

Self-paced blended-learning versioin of Leading Self will be released May 1. Blended version includes 2 individual coaching sessions.

Fee: $695; $495 when registering in combination with another leadership program

Pre-registration now open.

This program is a prerequisite for all other core leadership programs for participants who are new to GISC's leadership training. Please see individual program pages for details.
CE Hours

Stuart Simon, LICSW, MCC

  Marianne Roy, PCC
  And other GISC leadership faculty
Location South Wellfleet, Cape Cod Massachusetts, United States
Massachusetts organizations: 50% tuition reimbursement is available for organizations with fewer than 100 employees. Click here for information about how to apply for these grants from the state.


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