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As professionals helping others, what tools do coaches, organizational and human resource consultants, educators, and therapists need to stimulate personal and professional growth? As fellow practitioners, we at GISC understand the need to continue to learn, to test new techniques, and to build a community of support. Based on our own Cape Cod Model©, our programs take powerful ideas and put them into action, transforming theory through practice, and inspiring profound change in both our clients' and our own lives.


A Competency Development Program for Coach Certification


Skills for High-Impact Coaching



Gain the Coaching Skills & Certification You Need in GISC's ICF-Accredited Coaching Program



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Continue your learning and earn an advanced credential:


GISC Advanced Coaching Certification


Programs for Practitioners

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Competency Development Program for Coach Certification:

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Louise Holmes, ACC
GISC Certified Coach

International Coach Federation CCE

Several GISC Programs qualify for International Coach Federation Continuing Coaching Education Credits. Look for the ICF CCE logo on qualified program pages and visit our Continuing Education page for details.


“I become closer to who and how I want to be in my professional work every time I attend a GISC workshop."

Janice Kinder, MBA
Workplaces Can Work



Cape Cod Training Program (CCTP)
 Develop Presence, Insight, and Skills for High-Impact Interventions with the Cape Cod Model

CCTP teaches coaches, clinicians, consultants, and leaders a dynamic and powerful approach to facilitating change.

Using the Cape Cod Model©, a proven sequence of the steps required to help others grow, you will learn a simple and rapid change process.

You will learn to see the system formed by any couple, small group or organization, dramatically increasing your ability to make a difference in a short period of time and enabling them to experience greater effectiveness, ease, and enjoyment.

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A Competency Development Program for Coach Certification:

Skills for High-Impact Coaching

An ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).

CDPCC is coach training program leading to GISC Coach Certification, preparing candidates for coaching careers, and qualifying them
to apply for the International Coach Federation (ICF) professional credential.
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Past conferences have included:


International Research Conferences
The Challenge of Establishing a Research Tradition for Gestalt Therapy



Roots Conferences

Social Activism: Roots and Branches
Mati, Greece


These conferences are designed to put interested gestalt therapists and practitioner-researchers together to stimulate and encourage their growth.




>   Advanced Supervision
>   Applying the Cape Cod Model to Coaching: Working One-on-One


Cape Cod Training Program: Develop Presence, Insight, and Skills for High-Impact Interventions with the Cape Cod Model


Cape Cod Training Program,

The Third Week

Advanced Training in the Cape Cod Model (for graduates of CCTP)


Coaching For Growth and Development: Blended Learning

Polarities • Presence • Resistance

Remote video + live-online sessions



Competency Development Program for Coach Certification: Skills for High-Impact Coaching

>   Executive Coaching & Personality Dynamics

Facilitation Skills

For Consultants, Coaches, Managers, Trainers, and Group Leaders

>   Introduction to the Cape Cod Model: A Workshop for Psychotherapists, Coaches, and Consultants

Highly Sensitive:

Embracing the Gifts and Challenges for Yourself, Your Clients, or Your Children


Mind-Body Coaching

New Frontiers for Working with Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Stress, and Deepening Inner Guidance


The Next Phase:

Life Strategies for Navigating Personal and Professional Transitions


Professional Development & Mentor-Coaching Groups for Coaches



Working with the Body in MindBody Process Skills for Coaches and Practitioners

Past and Future GISC Programs:
>   Finding Your Developmental Edge: Achieving Excellence
>   Cape Cod Training Program - Europe
>   Cape Cod Training Program,
The Third Week - Europe / UK:

Coaching and Consulting with Teams (2020)

Applying the Cape Cod Model in Organizations

>   Introduction to the Cape Cod Model - Europe / UK (2020) Enhancing Your Intervention Skills for Coaches, Consultants, and Psychotherapists.

Seeing and Describing Patterns in Client Systems:

Skills for High-Impact Intervention


Working with Couples Using the Cape Cod Model

Intensive Couples Therapy Training from a Contemporary Gestalt Perspective


Working with the Mind in the Body: Advanced Embodied Presence in Practice



Wrestling with Ethical Dilemmas
Live Online Program

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